DevOps Classroomnotes 09/Jun/2022

What does it take to run applications?

  • Lets consider bookmy show as an application example
  • To run the application as we have observed in the class, we require
    • some operating system
    • necessary softwares to be installed (java)
    • Software package to be downloaded (spring petclinic)
    • network: ipaddress and port
    • cpu, ram and disk

Lets see what a container offers

  • Inside the container also,
    • we have an os
    • network
    • cpu/ram/storage
    • necessary softwares
    • we downloaded package
    • we executed application.
  • As we discussed, containers can be scaled (increased)
  • If we can rethink of application as multiple individually runnable services rather than a ntier (or monolith)
  • We can scale the necesary components which can reduce costs
  • We can individually update the necessary components without impacting the whole application
  • By the way this approach is technically referred as micro-services.

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