Azure Classroom Series – 08/Oct/2020

Azure App Service Plans contd..

  • Production Plans: We get a dedicated linux or Windows VMs and compute resources are shared between apps that are deployed in Same App Service Plan. The tiers offered by Azure are Standard & Premium
    • Standard tier:
      • Offers custom domains
      • SSL support
      • Can host unlimited amount of apps, offers autoscaling up to 10 instances & offers 5 deployment slots (testing, staging & production etc)
      • Daily backups are supported
      • Azure Traffic Manager (Multi region deployments) Preview
    • Premium Tier:
      • All the features of Standard tier are offered and additionally offers extra scaling instances & deployment slots. They have faster processors & SSD drives which drastically imporve the performance of your application. Preview
  • Isolated: This tier offers full isolation to your apps by providing a private environment with dedicated VMs and virtual Networks. This tier supports unlimited number of apps & scales upto 100 instances (Can be part of 1 plan or multiple appservice plans upto 100).

Lets Create One App Service web app (.net)

  • Refer Here for official documentation on how to create an app service deployment.
  • Refer Here for .net sample

Let Try to Deploy a python application

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