AWS Classroom Series – 08/Oct/2020

Elastic Beanstalk environment tiers.

  • Let’s try to understand the architectural aspects of Elastic Beanstalk.
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk is divided into two environments
    • Web Server Environment:
      • This hosts web application and handles http(s) requests
    • Worker Environment
      • This hosts a web application and handles background jobs and long running jobs
  • Web Server Environment:
    • Basic Architecture: Preview
    • The Web Server environment creates the following
      • CNAME (URL) that points to load balancer. This is done in AWS Route 53 (DNS Service from Amazon)
      • The loadbalancer is hosted on top of EC2 instances which are part of AutoScaling group (Scaling).
      • In each ec2 instance the application version is deployed. In the ec2 instance to run the application version the software stack is used (container type)
      • Each ec2 instance will have a software component which is called as host manager & its responsible for
        • deploying applications
        • collecting metrics & logs
        • Patching instance components
      • Security Groups are created to open only allowed ports for the application
      • We can configure our app to run in particular vpc (network)
    • Now lets create an application and configure the environment Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

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