DevOps Classroom Series – 09/Oct/2020

Terraform (contd)

  • Third way of Authentication & Authorization in AWS using CLI
  • Current state of Terraform Template:
    • The template create a vpc with fixed cidr range in a fixed region.
  • Lets try to make the template generic
    • A variable in a terraform template can accept the input from the user
    • for input variables Refer Here
  • For the changes done Refer Here Preview
  • Desigining Varaibles:
    • Ensure you have right set of optional variable (Variable with default ) & required variables
    • In many cases too many variables is not a good design. If the values can be calculated try calculating them
  • To apply above mentioned best practices, lets calculate subnet cidr ranges, for this lets take help from terraform functions Refer Here and expressions Refer Here
  • Finding cidrsubnet functions. Refer Here Preview
  • Refer Here for the changes Preview
  • For AZs lets use format function of string Refer Here
  • Each Region in AWS will have different az’s and lets configure this Refer Here for the changes

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