AWS Classroomnotes 03/Feb/2023

AWS Global Infrastructure

  • The terms of importance
    • Region:
      • Geographical location identified by AWS to build Datacenters
      • This is collection of Availability Zones
      • Every Region has a code <continent>-<direction>-<number>
      • Examples: mumbai = ap-south-1, hyderabad ap-south-2
      • Refer Here for the complete list of regions
    • Availability Zone:
      • This is a site within a Region
      • In each Region you will multiple AZ’s
      • Distance between AZ’s in a region will be around 30-60 kms
      • Every AZ will have names <region>[a-z]
      • Mumbai AZ’s ap-south-1a, ap-south-1b...
    • Local Zone
      • This is a Site built in different parts of the world
      • This local zone can be added to some marked Regions
      • Refer Here for local zones in AWS
      • Local Zone has parent region
    • Edge Location:
      • This acts as Point of presence locations
    • Wavelength Zone:
      • This was designed for 5G networks

AWS Networking Major Components

  • Major Components of AWS Networking are

    • VPC
    • Subnet
    • Internet Gateway
    • Route Table
    • Network Interface
    • Elastic IP
    • Security Group
    • Network ACL
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

    • is a virtual network which we can create in AWS
    • belongs to a region
    • We can create the private network of size required by using CIDR
    • In every region AWS ensures you have a default VPC.
  • Subnet:
    • AWS Subnet is subnet of VPC
    • belongs to AZ
    • We can create resources and connect to subnet
    • size is expressed in CIDR
  • Internet Gateway:
    • This gives dual connectivity i.e. vpc can access internet and internet can access resources in vpc using public ip addressing
    • If you want only one way connectivity then AWS has Egress only Internet Gateway
  • Route Table:
    • This will act as a Router
    • When we create a vpc, aws will create a default route table
    • By default AWS will allow connections between all the subnets


Lets create a vpc in AWS

  • Naviagate to vpc and create a sample network
  • AWS gives VPC ID
  • Now lets add subnets
  • If we want to view only our vpc resources


  • Egress: Outgoing
  • Ingress: incoming

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