AWS Classroom Series – 28/Oct/2020

How will my network know which ip address to allocate?

  • Every network when created requires a input of network range
  • Network will take help of DHCP to assign an ip address to the machine connected Preview

What should be ip address range which i should give while creating network

  • Networks are of two types
    • Public Network
    • Private Network
  • We are using ipv4 (32 bit addresses)
  • Ipv4 has some reservations for private network
    • to
    • to
    • to
  • In AWS we create private networks.


  • QT has a lab-1 and lab-2 in the office and then there is workplace.
    • lab-1 has 200 devices
    • lab-2 has 200 devices
    • In the workplace there will 200 people working
  • How do i design a private network for the organization
  • Steps:
    • Design a organization network
    • With in this network create subnet (sub-networks) for
      • lab-1
      • lab-2
      • workplace
    • QT has 600 devices at this moment
      • lab-1, lab-2 and workplace have 200 devices
  • Implementation:
    • Lets create a QT Network with range to => 192.168.x.x => 16 => 2^16 => 65535 Preview


  • LT has a workplace where there are 1000 employees and a lab with 2000 devices. Design a private network Preview


  • QT Infra has built an apartment. There are 4 blocks. Each block of 4 floors. Every block has 4 apartments Preview

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