Azure Classroomnotes 25/Nov/2022

Azure Managed Disks Contd..

Azure Disk Mounting

  • Create a Windows Server
  • Login into windows server and navigate to Server Manager => File and Storage Services
  • Lets add one more data disk of size 4 GiB
  • Now Right Click on the Volume and Bring online (if necessary). Now create a new volume and attach as F drive.
  • Now lets try to resize the disk to 8 GB
  • Now Select the volume and extend the volume for F:\ drive
  • Lets see if we can reduce the size of the disk back to 4 GB
  • Now lets try to increase the size of os disk
  • Changes to os disk can be done only when vm is not running (deallocated)
  • To Change temp disk size, resize the vm size.
  • Try doing the same operations on linux
  • To format the block device the command is mkfs.
  • Popular file systems in linux are xfs, ext4
  • The disks will be at locations /dev/sd<letter>
sudo mkfs -t xfs /dev/sdc

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