Azure Classroom Series – 15/Sept/2021

Azure Active Directory Overview

  • The core of Azure AD is a directory of users. Each user has an identity thats comprised of User Id, Password and other properties
  • Users also have one or more directory roles assigned to them
  • User id & password are used to authenticate the user and roles are used for authorization the user
  • Two other entitities are available in Azure AD
    • Service Principal: Represents an Application in Azure AD
    • Managed Identity: This is a special kind of service principal that can only be use with Azure Resources
  • When you sign up for Azure subscription, an Azure AD resource is automatically created and it’s used to control access to Azure Resources you create under this subscription
    • Navigate to Azure Portal Refer Here
    • Navigate to Azure Active Directory from All Services -> Azure Active Directory Preview
  • We can create, view or manage user Preview Preview Preview
  • Now navigate to azure portal from a differnt browser and user should be username@primarydomain Preview
  • After creating the user we will be able to authenticate, but for the user to perform opeartions we need to create the right role assignments
  • With Azure AD
    • We can integrate with Enterprise Applications
    • We can Enable Multifactor Authentication
    • Single Sign on
  • On-Premises AD Integration Preview

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