Azure Classroom Series – 27/Jan/2021

Monitoring resources in Azure

  • As an Azure we are expected to monitor resources
    • to analyze the performance of the resources
    • to react to failures in any of the resources (manual/automated)
  • Analyzing the system details is important to make decisions about scaling up or down
  • In Case of any failures, we need to react
    • Sending an email
    • Sending an mobile notification
    • Restarting the machine
    • Doing any custom action.
  • Azure has Azure monitoring platform, which allows us to achieve the above mentioned goals.

Exercise: To understand monitoring

  • Create one free tier (B1s) linux VM Preview
  • Create one free tier (B1s) Windows VM Preview
  • Create one Azure SQL Server with basic DTU. Preview Preview
  • Azure Linux Monitoring Blade Preview Preview
  • Azure Windows Monitoring Blade Preview
  • Azure SQL Database Monitoring Blade Preview Preview
  • Azure Resource Group Monitoring Blade Preview

Azure Monitoring Platform

  • Azure monitoring platform overview Preview
  • This provides a comprehensive monitoring platform & solution to monitor all infrastructure and platfrom resources


  • Logs: Azure provides extensive logging for every service which are categorized
    • Control/Management logs
    • Data Plane logs
  • We can enable these logs by Powershell / using Azure Diagnostics SDK, Azure Portal Diagnostics and monitoring
  • We can send the logs using Azure Data Collector API from external/custom resources Refer Here

Next Steps

  • Lets try
    • to understand logs and metrics
    • Create some dashboards with visualizations
    • Create some alerts

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