AWS Classroom Series – 22/Nov/2019

General Purpose SSD VS Provisioned IOPS SSD

  • Disk Speed will be varying in General Purpose SSD
  • Provisioned IOPS speed is consistent.
  • In Provisioned IOPS Max IOPS to Disk Size Ratio is 50:1.
  • Minimum IOPS is 100
  • In General Purpose SSD we have burstable volumes where you get credits for using hard disks less than (In terms of IO Activity) baseline. These credits get utilized when the disk is in need.

Cost Overview.

Automated Snapshot Creation

  • Managed by Life cycle Manager.
  • Select the tags for the volumes or instances
  • Create a schedule of backups and number of snaphots to be retained. Preview

Taking Snapshots from AWS CLI

  • AWS CLI Configuration:
  • Install AWS CLI. Refer Here
  • Create an AWS IAM User Refer Here
  • Configure AWS CLI
aws configure

  • Creating snapshots from cli.
aws ec2 create-snapshot --description 'for fun' --volume-id vol-03b1d00dc8be488f8

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