Azure Classroom Series – 22/Nov/2019

Storage Account Pricing

  • Size of Data Stored
  • Data Access

Account Kind

  1. General Purpose V2:
    • Recommendation over General Purpose
    • Access Tier:
      • Hot
      • Cold
    • Hot Access Tier:
      • Frequently Accessed Data
      • More charges for storage
      • Less Charges for Access
    • Cold Access Tier
      • Infrequently Accessed Data
      • Less Charges for Storage
      • More Charges for Access
    • Access Tier can be selected for
      • Container
      • Blob
      • Storage Account
  2. General Purpose:
    • Same pricing for all the blobs.
  3. Blob Storage:
    • Specifically for blob data.

Storage Account Performance

  • Standard:

    • Speed promised is Upto.
  • Premium

    • Speed promised is guaranteed.
  • Storage Account Performance is shared across all the disks inside the account.

  • Individual Disk Performance is possible only when your storage account has only one disk.


  • Create any Azure VM with Premium disk from storage account.

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