AWS Classroom Series – 07/Feb/2021

Cloud formation contd..

Lets create an rds instance

  • To Create database we will be using AWS RDS

    • Creating a db subnet group with 2 subnets in it
    • We will be using db security group
    • We will be create an rds mysql instance with db.t2.micro
  • Manual Steps

    • DB Subnet Group Preview Preview Preview
    • Create an RDS Instance
    • Create an ec2 instance with ubuntu image in app1 subnet
      • Select subnet
      • Select Security group
      • Select Key Value pair
    • Create an ec2 instance and install apache server while creating ec2 instance Preview
  • Cloud formation:

  • Architecture realized so far Preview

  • Improvements

    • We need to fix userdata problem
    • AMI ids and instance types are hard coded, we need to use parameters
    • Advanced: we are copying the same resources multiple times in a template to create resources, we need to explore re usability options

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