Azure Classroom Series – 11/Aug/2020

Azure Dedicated Hosts

  • Azure Dedicated Hosts is a service that provides physical servers, which in turn you can use to create/host one or more virtual machines.
  • Azure Dedicated hosts do not support virtual machines scale sets as of now (11/08/2020)
  • Pricing of Dedicated Hosts Refer Here
  • Host Life cycle states
    • Host Available
    • Host under Investigation: host has some issues which is under identification/fixing by azure
    • Host Pending Deallocate
    • Host deallocated.
  • Steps for Creating a dedicated host
    1. Create a Host group
    2. Create a dedicated host
    3. Create a VM Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • After this create a vm and select host group & host in vm creation in Advanced tab

Lets Review What are different resources that get created when we create a VM

  • Create a new linux machine under a new resource group and look at resources created

    1. If you already have a network you can select one or azure will create one for you. This network will have one subnet
    2. Logs of the VM are stored in Storage Account
    3. When we create a vm we might require a public IP, so Azure public IP Address is also created
    4. NSG is Network security group which has rules to allow/deny network on specific ports of your vm
    5. A Network Interface (NIC) which is virtual gets associated with VM for providing network connectivity. IP address, NSG are applied to NIC.
    6. A Disk which acts as hard disk to your vm gets created. Preview
  • Create a new windows machine under a new resource group Preview

  • Now lets create a mapping between the options and the resources created Preview Preview Preview Preview

Next Steps

  • VM Images:
    • Generalized
    • Specialized
    • VM Image Gallery
    • Marketplace
  • Azure VM Extensions
  • Availability Sets
  • Virtual Machine Scale sets

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