DevOps Classroomnotes 11/Jan/2022

How Docker containers Work

  • Refer Here to understand how containers work
  • To Make contianers work linux uses
  • Isolations are created using kernel feature called as Namespace
  • Resource limits are applied using kernel feature called as cgroups

Docker Engine (Earlier Versions)

  • In ther earlier versions Docker used to rely on lxc to create container.
  • LXC was part of linux releases, any feature changes used to impact the docker containers.
  • Docker has built a project called as libcontainer and the the goal of libcontainer was to provide Docker with building blocks that exist in the host kernel to create containers.

Open Container Initiative (OCI)

  • While docker was trying to refactor the code of docker daemon, The OCI standards came up with two specifications
  • Image spec Refer Here
  • Container runtime spec Refer Here

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