Azure Classroomnotes 11/Jan/2022

Migration to Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • In Azure SQL Server is offerred in two more ways
  • SQL Managed Instance:
    • This provides native VNET Integration
    • This supports almost all (near 100%) compatibility with latest SQL Server (Enterprise Edition)
    • Features like Linked Server, SQL Agent, SQL Server Auditing, SQL Data Sync, DB Mail are supported by SQL MI, but not by Azure SQL Databse
  • SQL on VM:
    • In this case Azure Create a VM with preinstalled SQL Server
    • User if the would need access to VM where SQL Server is running
  • Lets try to Migrate Using Azure Data Studio to Azure SQL Managed Instance

Migration Steps

  • Ensure Assessment Report is generated using Database Migration Assistant and uploaded
  • INstall Azure Data Studio and Extenison
  • Launch ADS and connect to local database
  • Right click on the Connection and Manage, Then select Migrate to Azure SQL
  • Now choose Azure SQL Managed Instance and follow the steps as shown
  • Create a SQL Server Managed Instance Refer Here
  • After creating the managed instance follow the steps from here Refer Here

Migrate from Other Databases

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