DevOps Classroomnotes 20/Jul/2023

Node 2 => JDK 8 and maven

  • On the jenkins agent we would require jdk 17 and for the project game of life we would require jdk8
  • On the node2 lets create a new user called as devops, give sudo no password access
  • enable password based authentication
sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
# Change password Authentication to yes
sudo systemctl restart sshd
  • Install jdk 8 and jdk 17
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk openjdk-17-jdk -y
sudo apt install maven -y
  • Now execute java -version
  • Lets configure JDK 17 and JDK 8 paths in tools section of jenkins
  • Now add node2 to jenkins
  • Now lets try building game of life
  • Now lets add processing the test results **/surefire-reports/TEST-*.xml
  • As a result of this project build i get gameoflife.war which is called as artifact, lets configure jenkins to archive the artifacts
  • Note: We have implemented the same for spring petclinic
  • Note: The health of the builds is represented as weather in jenkins

    • cloudy means builds are failing
    • sunny means the builds are successful

Node 3: Executing dotnet project on jenkins

  • For agent we required jdk 17
  • Create an ec2 instance with size 20 GB
  • install dotnet 7 sdk for running nop comerce
  • Refer Here for installation instructions
sudo apt-get update && \
  sudo apt-get install -y dotnet-sdk-7.0
dotnet --help
  • to build the dotnet project we need to restore nuget packages
# dotnet restore <path of project or sln>
# For night builds
# dotnet build  -c "Release" <path of project or sln> 
# For day builds
# dotnet build  -c "Debug" <path of project or sln> 
dotnet restore src/NopCommerce.sln
dotnet build -c Release src/NopCommerce.sln

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