Azure Classroom Series – 17/Sept/2020

Azure monitor metrics & Logs

  • Application Monitoring Data
  • Guest OS monitoring Data
  • Resource Monitoring Data
  • Subscription Monitoring Data
  • Tenant Monitoring Data


  • Metrics are collected at regular intervals & are identified by

    • name
    • timestamp
    • value
  • Scenarios

    • Analyzing
    • Visualizing
    • Alerting
    • Automating
    • Exporting
    • Retrieving
    • Archiving
  • Four Sources of Metrics

    • Platform:
      • Which we get without any configuration
      • By default they are collected at one-minute frequency
    • Guest OS
      • To enable guest OS metrics for Windows Machine the Windows Diagnostic extension should be installed, For Linux machines the agents like Influx Data, Linux Diagnostics agent etc..
      • These metrics are collected from OS of the Azure VM.
    • Application:
      • These metrics are created by Application Insights
    • Custom Metrics:
  • Lets create a metric

    1. Navigate to Azure Monitor Preview Preview Preview
    2. Lets create a metric around CPU Average (Select Scope at VM and select linux vm)
    3. Now login into linux vm and execute the following
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install stress -y
    1. This stress tool can generate artificial load on our vm. Lets start stressing our system for 10 min using the following command
    stress --cpu 8 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M --timeout 10m
    1. Create graphs for Percentage CPU and one more for Disk Read Operation/sec and write Operations/sec Preview
  • Percentage CPU is at 100%, Don’t we need to inform concerned team about it and take the necessary action

  • How can i raise alerts and take necessary corrective actions (Automatically) to prevent application failures

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