AWS Classroom Series – 01/Sept/2021


  • Create an AWS VPC with the following requirements Preview

  • Requirements:

    • All the subnets should be private and they should be able to access internet
  • Solution:

    • AWS has egress only internet gateway for these kind of scenarios.
  • To the ec2 instance in web subnet (which is public and has public ip) allow only http connections.

    • http => TCP 80
  • EC2 instance get private ip from elastic network interface.

  • In AWS at the elastic network interface level, we have a kind of a network filter (acts as firewall) where we can write only allow rules because if there is no rule it is denied.

  • And at subnet level we have Network ACL Preview

  • When we create AWS VPC we get a default Network ACL which allows all incoming and outgoing traffic.

  • Lets look at security group. Preview

Configuring AWS CLI

  • We need to create an IAM user and configure the user credentials to AWS CLI Refer Here
  • Now configure aws cli
aws configure
aws s3 ls
  • Note:
    • Try to delete security credentials everytime after practice (atleast make them inactive when you are not using it)

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