DevOps Classroom Series – 24/Jul/2021

Configuring Jenkins Node with username and ssh key

  • Create a new redhat vm
  • Enable password authentication for the redhat vm
  • Create a jenkins user with sudo permissions
  • Install jdk 11 and maven on redhat vm
sudo dnf install java-11-openjdk-devel maven -y
  • Now login into jenkins server/master as jenkins user and create a key-pair


  • Now copy the ssh-key (public-key) to redhat node using ssh-copy-id Preview
  • Now jenkins master can login into redhat node with username
  • Now lets configure the jenkins node (redhat) from manage nodes Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now we know how to add linux machines as nodes to the jenkins server using ssh.

When to build the project?

  • In jenkins we can configure when to build the project using Build Triggers section Preview
  • Build after other project is build will lead to upstream and downstream jobs Preview
  • Build periodically helps us in running jenkins job periodically like a cron job or scheduler. To configure this jenkins periodic builds the use cases might be
    • Build the project once in every hour
    • Build the project on every friday at 11:00 PM
  • To configure Build Periodically we will have a cron sequence
* * * * * => every minute
  • For working with cron expression Refer Here
  • Configure the job to run every hour Preview
  • Poll SCM => will build the project when there are some changes in the git repository. To configure poll scm we need to configure how frequently jenkins will poll git repository

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