AWS Classroom Series – 09/Dec/2020

EC2 burstable instances

  • Refer Here
  • With burstable instances if we use less than baseline utilization, we accumilate credits.
  • These credits can be used when you are in need for cpu utilization.
  • Once cpu credit:
    • One vCPU for 100% utilization for one minute
    • One vCPCU at 50% utilization for two minutes
    • Two vCPUs at 25% utilization for two minutes
  • Refer Here for standard mode examples
  • Refer Here for unlimited mode examples
  • T-Series in AWS falls unders burstable performance instances

EC2 Rescue

  • This is an opensource tool to diagnose and trouble shoot common issues using its library
  • Lets create one aws ec2 linux instance
  • Lets install ec2 rescue on linux instance Refer Here
  • Lets run the ec2 rescue Refer Here
  • Lets run ec2 rescue for windows Refer Here

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