Azure Classroom Series – 09/Dec/2020


  • Refer Here for the official docs.
  • Cloud-init is the industry standard for executing a script on linux vms during first boot.
  • Refer Here for cloud config examples
  • Cloud-init config file is a yaml file
packages_update: true
  - apache2
  - openjdk-8-jdk
  - tomcat8
  • Create an ubuntu 18 instance and in the advanced tab enter the above mentioned config file Preview Preview
  • Create an instance and verify if the above mentioned packages are installed or not Preview Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for official documenation on cloud-init support in azure
  • Exercise: Try to findout if we can use cloud-init on Windows instance in Azure

Azure VM Extensions

  • Create one linux vm with the following steps to be changed in Advanced tab Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • We can run extensions on Windows Instances also Preview Preview

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