AWS Classroom Series – 15/Mar/2020

Disk Storage in AWS

  • Disks have a scope of AZ, i.e. a disk can be attached to EC2 instance running in Same Avaliability Zone.
  • Disks in AWS are majorly categorized as root disk (with OS) and secondary disks (add on disks)
  • While creating an EC2 instance in the Add Storage tab the following view appears Preview
  • Disks can be added to the EC2 instance while creating or post creation
  • Delete on Termination, Root disk is by default selected for delete on termination which can be changed.

Possiblities in EC2 disk

  • Whenever we create an ec2 instance, which is launched on some physical server in AWS AZ, the possibility of disk is
    • Disk can be created in same physical server and mounted to EC2
    • Disk can be create in different physical Server and mounted to EC2 Preview
  • Disks which are created in Same Physical Server on which ec2 is launched
    • Access of the data will be very fast
    • Whenever ec2 instance is deleted the disk will be deleted
    • They are called as ephemeral storage
  • Disk which is created in Different Physical Server than ec2
    • Access of the data will be slow compared to above
    • Whenenver ec2 instance is delted the disk will still exist
    • Non-ephemeral storage
  • In AWS all the root disks have to be Non Ephemeral

Instance Store

  • Is the Ephemeral Storage option of AWS.
  • It is supported only on few instance types
  • For instance storage supported instance types, the value of instance storage will have number of disks and the size in it. BUt the root volume is still EBS Preview


  • Storage size is fixed

Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

  • Is the Non Ephemeral and default storage option for root volumes
  • It is supported by all aws instance types
  • In the EC2 machine where the instance storage option is EBS only, only EBS volumes are allowed to be attached Preview
  • EBS has flexibile sizing options, (Elastic Volumes)
    • you can start with a disk of size 1 GiB
    • Increase the size to 2 GiB while your instance is running
  • EBS volumes backups are called as snapshots.

Exercise: Create an Ec2 instance with one root disk and one ebs volume (1GiB)

  • Created an ec2 instance with one root volume (8 GiB) and one ebs volume (1GiB)
  • All the volumes belong to same AZ
  • Resizing root volumes and additional volumes can be done (Resizing needs to dealt diffrentely which we will be discussing in our subsequent classes) Preview
  • EC2 Billing:
    • EC2 instance :
      • Billing will be stopped when you stop ec2 instance
    • Volume:
      • Billing will be stopped when you delete volume

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