DevOps Classroom Series – 30/Oct/2020

How Docker Works

  • Linux Container is used to isolate processes. This process isolation will contain all the code, dependencies, binaries and settings required to run the process.
  • Docker containers when they started used to create linux containers. Linux releases where impacting docker containers, so they have written their own container creation library (runc)
  • Refer Here for understanding docker internals
  • Inside the container (process isolations), it has its own process tree and it has its own filesystem.
  • CPU and memory are also allocated to the container
  • This isolated process has its own ip address
  • Container is getting whatever is needed to run the application. But How?
    • Namespaces
    • CGroups
  • Process Isolation: Each container runs with its own kernel namespaces for the following
    • Processes
    • Networks
    • Users
    • Mount
    • IPC
    • UTS

Docker Image

  • First Responsibility of DevOps Engineer: Containerize your applications. This means creating docker images for your applications.
  • Docker image is collection of layers.
  • Lets build a docker image for an application gameoflife
    • Installation:
      • tomcat with Java 8 installed
      • copy the gameoflife.war file into webapps folder of tomcat
    • To make this work we have taken an existing image with java and tomcat installed and copied our package into the folder and then application started working
    • Doing this on running container is not sensible, it would be better if we can have some way of creating images.
    • Steps:
      • Take existing image
      • Copy the necessary files/configurations
      • Create an image with this.
  • To Create images docker has Dockerfile , we will be using that from our next class. Refer Here for docker file reference.

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