Azure Classroom Series – 21/Mar/2021

Azure VNet contd..

  • Lets understand about the virtual machines to be created in subnets

  • When we create a vm in the subnet the vm will recieve the private ip address from the subnets cidr range

  • To connect vm to the subnet a network interface card is create which connects vm to the subnet.

  • NIC recieves a private ip address Preview

  • Public IP address can be assigned to the NIC (optional). Steps included are

    • Public IP Address resource is created
    • Public IP address is associated with NIC
    • When you access the Public IP the traffic/nw packets will be forwarded to nic. Preview
  • Azure gives option to choose the private ip address in the subnet address space and assign automatically by azure. Private Ip addresses are free of cost

  • Azure Public IP assigns a random public from the pool of public ip addresses available in Azure and the Azure Public IP is charged

  • Azure Public IP Address has two plans (SKU)

    • Dynamic
    • Static
  • Lets create a virtual network and for that lets try to follow the following architecture Preview

  • We will be not creating Application Gateway subnet and Active Directory subnet Preview Preview

  • Generally when we create a subnet with 8 bits for host ids then the formula is 2^n-2

    • x.x.x.0: Network id/Address
    • x.x.x.255: Broadcast address
  • In the case of azure we have 3 more reservations i.e. 2^n-5

    • x.x.x.0: Network id/Address
    • x.x.x.255: Broadcast address
    • x.x.x.1: Reserver by azure for default gateway
    • x.x.x.2, x.x.x.3: Reserver by Azure to map the Azure DNS IPs to VNET space
  • Lets continue the network creation Preview Preview

  • In Azure the smallest subnet supported is /29 and the largest subnet is /8

  • Now lets try to create a Windows Server in the Management subnet Preview

  • We want use this windows machine from our network so we should be able to login from our system, so windows machine needs a public ip address to communicate Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets login into the windows vm created mstsc -v publicip Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets create one more windows server in the web subnet without public ip Preview Preview Preview

  • Machine in the management subnet can help us to reach to web subnet machine Preview

  • So, the machines which are have public ip addresses and help us to connect to machines with only private ip addresses are referred as Bastion Hosts or Jump Box

  • In Azure when we create a vnet it belongs to region and subnet also belongs or is scoped to a region. There are some regions in Azure where zones are supported even in that case subnet is scoped to a region. With in one subnet you can have resources created in multiple zones Preview

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