Azure Classroomnotes 22/Dec/2022

Activity 1: Create an Azure SQL Database

  • Steps:
    • To create a new resource group
    • Refer Here for cli reference
    • Create an azure sql server
    • Create an azure sql database with capacity specifications
az group create --name 'activity1' --location 'eastus'

az sql server create --name 'qtactivity1' --resource-group 'activity1' --admin-user 'qtdevops' --admin-password 'india@12345' --enable-public-network true 

az sql db create --name 'qtemployees' --resource-group 'activity1' --server 'qtactivity1' --sample-name 'AdventureWorksLT' --capacity 5 --edition 'Basic'

Exercises 2:

  • Create a replication of the database
  • Create an elastic pool ans add the existing database to elastic pool
  • delete all the databases created by deleting resource group.

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