AWS Classroom Series – 29/Dec/2020

AWS S3 Bucket encryption

  • AWS S3 is already encrypted in transit, Now we can configure the encryption for s3 bucket data at rest
  • Navigate to properties of s3 bucket Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • To manage s3 bucket encryption using your keys (CMK) using AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Requester Pays Buckets

  • In AWS S3 Buckets we have two major factors that impact cost
    • storage
    • access
  • If you are sharing buckets with other AWS accounts, you can enable the Requester pays which will add access costs to the requesting AWS account and storage cost to the hosting aws account.
  • Navigate the S3 bucket properties Preview Preview

Enabling Access logs

Preview Preview Preview

AWS S3 Batch Operations

  • We will be using S3 batch operations to perform large scale operations on S3 bucket objects
  • In Batch operations we create jobs. AWS S3 tracks the progress of job and sends the notifications
  • Create a csv or a manifest file Preview
  • Now check the batch operations and select copy Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Elastic Block Storage

  1. Create two linux (ubuntu/amazon linux ec2 instance)
  2. Are the ec2 instances physical or virtual? They are virtual so they will be created on some physical server in Amazon’s Availability Zone in a Region Preview
  3. Does the ec2 instance require a disk storage? yes
  4. Will the ec2 instances disk will be from same physical server where ec2 is created or different server?
    1. Here we need to understand two kinds of disks
      1. root volumes (OS disk)
      2. additional volumens (Data disk)
    2. If the disk is created from different physical server (in the same AZ) it is referred as Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    3. In AWS all root volumes (i.e. disks with OS) are EBS volumes
    4. Even if the ec2 instance is deleted in the case of EBS, can we still have data? yes
    5. Some ec2 instance types support disks from the same physical server which are referred as instance stores
    6. If ec2 instance is deleted can instance store will still be available? no the disks (instance storage) will be deleted as soon as ec2 instance is terminated
  5. Lets review ec2 instance creation Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  6. Lets review the instance storage storage options Preview Preview
  7. Lets create an ec2 instance with t2.micro and see the volumes section Preview Preview
  8. AWS gives us options of adding ebs volumes to running instances.

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