DevOps Classroom Series – 29/Oct/2020

Docker Installation

  • When we install docker, two major docker components get installed Preview
  • Lets execute a simple command in docker
# This command runs a container with image hello-world
docker container run hello-world


  • Lets Execute the same command again Preview
  • Lets understand what has happened Preview
  • For docker containers to run we need docker images. Docker Image is a packaging format which all the ingredients to run your application.

Docker command-line

  • Use help commands
  • Execute docker help Preview
  • docker commands are generally organized as
docker <COMMAND> --help
  • docker management commands Preview
  • docker commands Preview
  • Get any cheat sheet of docker from google Refer Here

Docker Image pull and push

  • The process of downloading the image from docker registry to docker local images is called as pull
  • The process of uploading the image to docker registry from docker local image is called as push

How is this stuff working

  • What exactly is an image & How to create a docker image ?
  • How image creates a container ?

LXC (Linux Containers)

  • LXC is an os-level virtualization method for multiple isolated Linux Systems (Containers) using a single Linux Kernel
  • Before we understand lxc lets try to understand process. Process is a program in execution. In OS when we want to use any application a process will be launched. Each Process will have some memory assigned to it and it is executed by cpu. Each Process will have its own Identifier which is called as Process id
  • LXC create isolated environments with each environment getting cpu, memory and network id or whatever is required to run application in isolated environment.
  • This environment is Process to the system which runs lxc and for the application running in container lxc will look like full blown os.

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