DevOps Classroomnotes 16/Jun/2023

Big Bang integration

  • Consider a case where you are working for vintage systems where we are developing ecommerce application in Waterfall model
  • Application is in layered architecture
  • We have team managers
    • Andy
    • Brian
    • Cathy
  • Project has to be finished in an year
  • Each team works independently for 9 months and finishes the devlopment
  • Big Bang integrations are error prone, so best solution would be continuos integration (CI).
  • The Goal of CI is to inform dev teams about the failures of integration.
  • To perform CI different tools started like cruise control and hudson/jenkins
  • Need for automated tests/unit tests started at this point.

Agile way of Software Development

  • Agile had added smaller and frequent releases, this needs more aggressive automations than CI.
  • Expectation:
    • Automated Pipeline which when developer pushes changes
      • Build/Package code
      • Code Quality and Security Issues
      • Automate test executions with System, Performance, Reliablity, Security
      • Report of the Quality of work done yesterday
    • Customer and Internal Releases every 2 weeks

Plan ahead

  • Git Basics
  • YAML
  • Azure DevOPs
    • Boards
    • Build & Release Pipelines (*)
    • Artifacts
    • Documentation
    • Azure Source Repos
    • ****
  • Code Base: Open Source
    • .net
    • java
    • Workshop:
      • python
      • node js

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