Azure Classroom Series – 10/Mar/2021

Azure Event Grid

  • Azure Event grid allows us to easily build event-driven architectures. Preview
  • Select the Azure Resource you would like to subscribe to and then give the event handler or Webhook endpoint to send the event to
  • Event grid has inbuilt support for events coming Azure services and also supports custom topics for custome envents
  • For Event Source supported Refer Here
  • For Event Handlers supported Refer Here
  • Concepts:
    • Event
    • Event Source
    • Topics
    • Event Subscriptions
    • Event Handlers
  • Usecases with Event Grid
    • Serverless application Architectures Preview
    • Ops Automation Preview
    • Application Integrations Preview
  • For pricing Refer Here

A Sample Event grid scenario

  • Lets create a storage account Preview
  • Enable Event Grid Resource Provider
    • Select subscriptions
    • Select resource providers under Settings
    • Find Microsoft.EventGrid and if not register Register Preview
  • Lets navigate to storage account Preview Preview
  • Create an azure function in vscode which has an event grid trigger Refer Here for the changeset
  • Now complete the integration Preview Preview
  • Now test invocation by uploading some documents Preview

Azure Event hub

  • Azure event hub is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service, it can recieve and process millions of events per second.
  • Data sent to the event hub can be transformed and stored by using real time analytics provider or storage adapters

Azure Service Bus

  • Azure service is a fully managed enterprise message broker with message queues and pub-sub topics.
  • Try to understand Enterprise Service Bus Refer Here
  • Refer Here for messaging samples

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