Azure Classroom Series – 14/Apr/2021

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

  • Azure AD is a microsoft’s cloud based identity and access maanagement service, which helps employees sign in and access resources
  • Who Uses Azure AD?
    • IT admins
    • App Developer
    • Office 365 Subscribers
  • Azure AD Licenses
    • Azure Active Directory Free
    • Azure Active Directory Premium P1
    • Azure Active Directory Premium P2
    • Pay as you go license features
  • Terminologies of Azure AD
    • Identity: A thing that can get authenticated . Identity can be user/application
    • Account: An identity that has data associated with it
    • Azure AD account: Identities are created through Azure AD & stored in Azure AD. This account is also called as work or school account
    • Azure tenant: A dedicated and trusted instance of Azure AD thats automatically created when you organization signs up of Microsoft cloud service subscribption (Azure, Office 365)

Creating a user in Azure

  • Navigate to Azure portal refer here and Select All Services Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now open a new incognito window and navigate to azure portal and login using user credentials Preview
  • So creating the user will enable authentication for authorization we need create roles and assign them. Lets create a new user with a different role and login Preview Preview
  • This user is able to perform operations on Azure Active directory but unable to view resource groups or resources
  • Assigning Access on Subscriptions to the users will help in viewing resources
  • To manage users we need to create users and play with roles at different levels
  • After creating the user to set the right permissions we need to understand roles and levels at which roles can be applied

Exercise and Lab Setups

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