DevOps Classroom notes 08/Nov/2023

Azure DevOps Workshop

Stage: Building, Packaging and publishing the docker image

  • Docker contianer registry: shaikkhajaibrahim/azuredevopsnov23
  • Structure
  • Commands
cd src
docker image build -t shaikkhajaibrahim/azuredevopsnov23:v1.0.0 .
docker image push shaikkhajaibrahim/azuredevopsnov23:v1.0.0
  • Note: every build should have a different tag value. we can use Build Id for this

Stage: Creating infrastructure using terraform

  • ensure in the node kubectl is installed az aks install-cli or Refer Here


  • Ensure AWS CLI is configured
  • commands
cd deploy/tf_aws
terraform init
terraform apply -auto-approve


  • Ensure Azure CLI is configured
  • commands
cd deploy/tf_azure
terraform init
terraform apply -auto-approve


  • Deploy the application into kubernetes cluster
  • commands
kubectl apply -f deploy/k8s
  • Note: during manual execution this command will fail


  • Ensure your work done in this pipeline is reusable i.e. ideally you should be creating templates for every stage with parameters
  • Refer Here for the folder structure

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