AWS Classroomnotes 21/Sep/2023

Multi-Cluster RDS

  • Multi Cluster RDS is about having two read endpoints along with one write endpoint in RDS

DB Instance Classes and other factors impacting performance

  • AWS RDS Supports 3 instance classes
    • General Purpose (m series)
    • Memory Optimized (r,x series)
    • Burstable
  • Disk:
    • General Purpose gp2 and gp3
    • Provisioned IOPS

Non Relational Database Services using AWS Managed Services

  • AWS has support for the following Non relational Datbases
    • Dynamo DB: This is amazon’s product
    • Document DB: This is mongo DB supported natively by AWS
    • Key Spaces: This is cassandra supported natively by AWS
    • QLDB: THis is ledger database (BlockChain)
    • Elastic Cache and Memory DB
    • Neptune: Graph Database
    • Timeseries:

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