AWS Classroomnotes 12/Feb/2023

AWS Networking – Workshop Part 2

  • Create two vpcs in two regions and ensure we have ec2 instances with some application running on http
  • Create a Network/Application Load Balancer for each region

DNS (Domain Naming Server)

  • DNS servers are used to store records mapping domain/host names to ip addresses
  • Every system has a local DNS record
    • Windows: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • Linux /etc/hosts
  • Servers which store these records are called as Name Servers
  • DNS servers which are used for public access are hosted by organizations and they are generally called as hosted zones
  • Domains can be purchased by many third parties, In aws also we can register domains
  • In AWS Route 53 is DNS as a Service
  • For multi region solutions we use Route 53 Routing policies Refer Here
  • To configure active-passive Refer Here
  • If you want to try latency based routing Refer Here
  • Note:

    • The smallest subnet in AWS is /28 and largest is /8
    • CIDRS can be expanded

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