AWS Classroom Series – 18/Mar/2020

Speed of the Volume

  • Disk Types:
    • SSD
    • HDD
    • Magnetic
  • Disk Speed (SSD): is measure in IOPS. Speed to Read or write
1 IOPS = 256 KiB/s
1000 => 1000 * 256 Kib/s
  • As IOPS increase price also increases
  • Volume Types:
    • General Purpose (SSD):
      • For normal IO Operations
      • IOPS is determined by size
    • Provisioned IOPS (SSD):
      • User can specify IOPS.
      • IOPS to Disk ratio should be 50: 1 GiB
    • Cold HDD
    • Throughput Optimized HDD
    • Magnetic
  • Experiment Volume types restriction in Create Volume Page Preview
  • Choosing Disks
    • Looking for more storage (size) at less cost with normal speeds choose HDD
    • Looking for speed always SSD but will cost more
    • High speed databases => SSD
    • WebServer => Genaral Purpose SSD (i might not require lot of size)
  • EBS/Instance Store can be attached to one machine at a time

Network Storage Devices for AWS

  • In AWS when we need network storage, AWS provides Elastic File Storage

  • Elastic File Storage can be create in multiple AZ’s and can be mounted by multiple machines at one time (unlike EBS)

  • EFS mounts cannot be OS/root disk

  • EFS can be mounted directly on Linux instances, For windows use FsX

  • Experiment: Create a EFS volume and mount it two ec2 instances following instructuion Preview

    • Ensure the security group will allow access
    • EFS storage also uses Security group for restrictions. Ensure you are adding necessary rules to exclude the machines which you are mounting
  • It is possible to host Third party Network storages in AWS from AWS Market place Preview

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