Azure Classroom Series – 26/Dec/2020

Azure Blob Versioning

  • To enable blob versioning
    • Create a storage account, add a container and upload some objects
    • While creating storage account in the data protection tab, enable versioing Preview
    • versioning will be maintained for the blobs Preview
    • Even after creating a storage account versioing can be enabled Preview

Azure Soft Delete

  • Soft Delete can be enabled under Data Protection Blade in Storage account for containers & blobs Preview Preview

Change feed transaction logs

  • This logs all the changes that occur to to the blobs & metaddata in your storage account Preview

Object Replication

Preview Preview

Object Lifecycle rule

  • We use Object Lifecycle rules to move the object from one access tier to other. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Azure Data Import/Export

  • We have large volumes of data in on-premise, how can i migrate that to azure
  • Scenario 1: We have 10 GB of Text files
  • Scenario 2 : We have 1000 TB of Historical and current storage
  • Moving the data into azure is effected by 3 factors
    • Data size
    • Transfer frequency
    • Network
  • Here we have two major solutions
    • Online Transfer:
      • Azure Portal
      • Azure Storage Explorer
      • AzCopy
      • Azure Storage REST API
      • Azure Import/Export Data
    • Offline Transfer
      • Azure Data Box:
        • Azure Databox Heavy (500 TB – 5 PB)
        • Azure Data Box (50 TB- 500 TB)
        • Azure Databox Disk (100 GB-50TB)
        • Refer Here for pricing
  • Next Steps:
    • Data Transfer
    • Static Website Hosting
    • Azure CDN
    • Page Blobs
    • Queue Storage
    • Table Storage
    • Data Lake Storage

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