AWS Classroomnotes 03/Nov/2022

Elastic Block Storage

  • This is the storage service which provides virtual disks to virtual machines (ec2 instances) in AWS.
  • Scope of EBS is Availability Zone. EBS can be mounted to an EC2 instance running in same AZ.
  • EC2 instance and EBS will be alloacated in the same AZ but on different physical servers. Even after ec2 instance is deleted we can still have virtual disk (EBS Volume)
  • When we shutdown ec2
    • There are no charges for ec2
    • charges continue for ebs
  • The virtual disk is called as EBS volume and the backup of EBS volume is called as EBS snapshot.
  • EBS volume has a lifetime independent of ec2 instance as it is alloacted from a different physical server.
  • In AWS it is mandatory that the os disks has to be EBS volume
  • EC2 instance will be charged based on number of running hours
  • EBS is charged as long as disk is present in AWS
  • EC2 instance can be mounted with multiple volumes (Empty Volumes)

    • while creation => AWS will create filesystems
    • Post creation of EC2 => We need to create filesystem
  • The other volume in AWS is Instance store volume.
  • Instance store volume cannot be used as root/os disk. Instance store volume is created from same physical server where your ec2 instance gets created. When you stop the ec2 data is lost.
  • Not all instance types support instance store
  • EBS volume Types: EBS volume types are categorized by Disk types

    • SSD:
      • General Purpose
      • Provisioned IOPS
    • HDD:
      • Cold
      • Throughput Optmized
    • Magnetic

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