Azure Classroomnotes 13/Sep/2023

Databases Contd

Relational Datbases in Azure

  • In Azure there are two ways to Deploy Databases
    • Managed:
      • This is managed by Azure i.e. Azure will setup the database and give options to configure Database
      • What is supported?
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • mysql / mariadb
        • PostgreSQL
      • Pricing: There are different models and innovation
    • UnManaged:
      • Here Azure has a Market Place or You can setup your Databases on Azure VM’s
      • Pricing: Price of Virtual Machine + Licensing Costs (if any)

Managed Relational Databases in Azure

  • The following are managed Relational Databases in Azure


What will be work done by us w.r.t Databses

  • Operations:
    • Create databases as suggested by architect/design.
    • Automating the creation and management of Databases
    • Administrative Activities:
      • Backup & Restore
      • Disaster Recovery
    • Migrations
  • Solutions Architect
    • Which Database
    • Which SKU or pricing model etc.

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