AWS Systems Manager – Classroom Series 20/Sep/2019

Systems Manager Setup

  1. Create a IAM role with policy AmazonEC2RoleforSSM for ec2 machine to connect to Systems manager.

  2. Create a IAM user with policy AmazonSSMFullAccess(also look into other ssm policies).

  3. In the onpremise or ec2 machines ssm agent has to be installed. To install ssm agent refer

  4. Only when you install ssm agent and have necessary IAM Permissions(roles/user), then the ec2 machine/virtual machine will be managed instance.

Other Capabilities

  • Sessions Manager: No need for bastion host. You can connect to machines in vpc with only private ip’s and execute your configruation.

  • Patch Manager: From Patch manager you create or manage os patchin

  • Shared Resources: Build Resuable Document (like Run-AWSShellScript) & store common parameters in Parameters store.

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