Azure Classroom Series – 03/Aug/2021

Core Architectural Components of Azure

  • Azure regions and region pairs:

    • In order to provide Azure service around the globe, Microsoft has created boundaries called geographies. A geography boundary is often boundary of a country.
    • In Azure we have many geographies Refer Here
      • UK Geography
      • Canada Geography
      • US Geography and so on Preview
    • Within each geography, Microsoft has create another logical boundary which is referred as regional pair and Each geography has regions
    • To understand the regions and their presence on the globe Refer Here
    • At each region, Microsoft has built datacenters that contain physical hardware that Azure uses
    • Relation b/w Geography, Regional Pair and Region Preview
    • Refer Here for all the regional pairs
  • Availability Zones: Preview


  1. Creating Azure Free tier account Refer Here
  2. Creating an Azure VM Refer Here

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