Azure Classroomnotes 03/Mar/2023

Azure VMSS Auto Upgrade

  • For a VMSS to support autoupgrade, Health Extensions needs to be enabled.
  • Refer Here on the official docs on setting automatic upgrades.
  • Ensure auto upgrade is on by executing the following command in azure cli
az vmss update --name phpmyinfo --resource-group vmssdemo --set UpgradePolicy.AutomaticOSUpgradePolicy.EnableAutomaticOSUpgrade=true

* To perform manual upgrade execute the following command

az vmss rolling-upgrade start --resource-group "vmssdemo" --name "phpmyinfo" 

Azure VM Purchasing Options

  • To Purchase VM’s In Azure we have 3 major options
    • On-demand:
      • We pay hourly bills based on usage
      • Hourly charge for vms which are running
    • Reservations:
      • We give a commitment of 1 (41% discount) or 3 years (62% discount)
      • Monthly charges
    • Spot VMs: Refer Here

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