AWS Classroomnotes 29/Oct/2022

Cloudformation Nested Stacks

  • Reusability of existing templates can be acheived by nested stacks Refer Here
  • Refer Here for nesting an existing stack
  • Create a template with nested stack. Refer Here for the changes
  • Refer Here for the example with nested stack with parameters

Stack Sets

  • Refer Here helps you in applying infrachanges across different regions and accounts.

Deploying cloudformation from cli


  • Reexecute this command to handle the updates aws cloudformation deploy --template-file main.json --parameter-overrides 'vpccidr=' 'archname=fromcf-cli' --stack 'fromcli'
  • Refer Here for transform macros.
  • note: Refer Here
  • Note: AWS has supported CDK on terraform Refer Here

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