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  • Hypervisor is a software to create virtual machines
  • Hypervisor has two variants
    • Install Hypervisor on existing operating system
      • Examples:
        • HyperV
        • KVM
        • Virtual Box
        • VmWare Workstation
    • Install hypervisor on bare metal (as operating system)
      • Examples:
        • VmWare ESxi

  • This refers to servers/DataCenters maintained by organizations who build applications.
  • To ensure the BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) organizations opt for redundancy
  • These Redundant Datacenters should have very high speed connectivity b/w them


  • So far our discussion was around maintaining physical servers.
  • Amazon Web Services Launched By AWS shared their first service S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Terms:

    • Service: This is offering from the Cloud Services Provider to realize some infrastructure/application need.
    • Resource: Using the service what we create is Resource. You will generally be charged for using the Resources
    • Cloud Services Provider: This is an organization who provides services to realize applications (AWS, Azure, GCP, Ali Cloud)
    • Cloud Services Consumer: This is organization/individual who is creating resources.
    • On Demand: This refers to creation of resources whenever there is a need and all we have is a valid account and internet conection.
    • Pay as You Go: This refers to paying the monthly bills based on usage
    • Metered Service: Every Service is metered i.e. your usage will be tracked based on resource usage.
  • Tenancy: This refers to an hardware asset and customers we serve using that

    • Single Tenancy: This refers to serving single tenants (organization) on the same hardware
    • Multi Tenancy: This refers to serving multiple tenants (organization) on the same hardware
  • As of now Cloud is all about using someone else’s Hardware/Computer/Server

Lets install our first Software

  • Chocolatey: This is a package manager for windows Refer Here
    • Open Powershell as Admin
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
    • Installation: Refer Here
  • Homebrew: This is package manager for mac Refer Here
    • Open terminal and paste /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
    • verify brew --version

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