Azure Classroom Series – 26/Jun/2020

Azure SDK for Python

Installation and configuration

  1. Ensure Python 3 is installed
choco install python -y
  1. Configure Environment
    • Azure Account with Active Subscription
    • Python 3
    • Azure CLI Refer Here
  2. Configure Authentication and Authorization
    • Launch terminal and execute az login
    • Create a service principal and save the output to local-sp.jso
    az ad sp create-for-rbac --name localtest-sp-rbac --skip-assignment --sdk-aut > local-sp.json
    • Create environmental variables which Azure libraries require for authentication
    • For setting environmental variables in linux use export command and in cmd use set and in powershell $env:<VAR>='<value>'
  3. Install python Libraries Refer Here
  4. Packages and API Reference Refer Here
pip install azure-storage-blob
  1. API Reference for Azure Store blob package Refer Here
  2. Refer this example
  3. Sample code used in the class
from azure.common.client_factory import get_client_from_cli_profile
from azure.mgmt.resource import ResourceManagementClient

resource_client = get_client_from_cli_profile(ResourceManagementClient)
if resource_client.resource_groups.check_existence('frompython') == True:
    print('Resource group is already created')
    rg_result = resource_client.resource_groups.create_or_update(
            "location": "centralus"

Azure SDK for C#

Azure SDK for Java

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