DevOps Classroomnotes 15/Sep/2023


  • Index
  • Document
  • Shard and Replicas
  • Generally in relational databases we have database which is collection of tables with some structure (SCHEMA). Each Row represents a record
  • In Elasticsearch we have a index which is collection of documents of same type. These documents are generally json documents (structure is not strict)
  • Shard and Replica

Setup Elastic Cloud

  • Refer Here for starting free trail and follow the settings as discussed in the class
  • Once the environment is setup
  • The endpoint information is available

Sample Application Setup

  • Lets create an Apache Server/Nginx Server
  • Every HTTP Request responds with a status code
    • 1xx => information (success)
    • 2xx => success
    • 3xx => Redirection
    • 4xx => Client side errors (failure)
    • 5xx => Server Side error
  • Refer Here for all status codes
  • Timeout Errors: HTTP protocols are stateless and every client waits for a period of time called as TIMEOUT to get response. If server doesn’t respond we see an error Your request has been timed out


  1. Explore the command lines
    1. curl
    2. wget
    3. ssh
    4. sftp
    5. scp
  2. Watch a youtube video Refer Here

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