AWS Classroom Series – 16/Nov/2020

AWS Identity and Access Management

  • This service helps you to control access to aws resources
  • When you create AWS account, the single sin-in identity that has complete access of all aws resources will be created by default. (Root account/root user)
  • Lets see how to create users (Avengers) in AWS, In this screenshots i will be creating ironman Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Create user for
    • BlackPanther
    • CaptianAmerica
    • Hulk
    • Thor
    • BlackWidow
    • Spiderman
  • To create multiple users we need to have a better mechanism to import users, but today lets simplify user creation by using cli Refer Here
  • Now lets try to login as one user. Navigate to IAM dashboard and copy the Sign-in url for AWS IAM users
  • Findout how to manage password for the user created. Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for the login-profile creation
  • Now rather than managing permission of all the avengers individually, lets create a group called as avengers Preview
  • Refer Here for the script changes
  • Now lets login as hulk and reset the password and verify the access. This user will not the authorized to change password, as we have not given any access permissions
  • So lets learn how to give access permissions
    • Policy
    • Roles

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