Azure Classroom Series – 21/Jul/2020

Service Endpoints

  • When we create/provision some of the Azure services as shown below, they will not be created in your virtual network
    • Azure Storage
    • Azure SQL Database/Data Warehouse
    • Azure Database for mysql/Postgres
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Azure Key Valut
    • Azure App Service
    • Azure Data Lake
    • Azure Service & Azure Event Hub
  • How do i enable private connectivity
  • Using Service endpoints, we can create a NIC for the Azure service in your subnets with private ip addresses Preview
  • Sample endpoint creation for Azure SQL Preview Preview

Scenario: Multiple VNETs in Azure

  • How to enable private communication b/w vnets in Azure Preview
  • In Azure we can use VNET peering which allows any two vnets in Azure to communicate with each other as long as ip addresses don’t collide
  • Enable peering connection from portal using Preview Preview
  • Exercise:
    1. Create a vnet with cidr range of and call it app1
    2. Create a vnet with cidr range of and call it app2
    3. Ensure you have 2 subnets in each vnet.
    4. Now create a vm name vm1 in app1 vnet and vm with name vm2 in app2 vnet
    5. Now ensure all the ports in NSG are open
    6. ping from vm1 to vm2 (It will fail)
    7. Now create a vnet peering connection b/w app1 vnet and app2 vnet
    8. Now ping from vm1 to vm2 using private ip

Private Communications b/w OnPremise & Azure VNets

  • Consider the below scenario Preview
  • From our org network, we cannot access resources in vnet using private ip address
  • Before we understand Onpremise to Azure VNet Connections lets understand our work from home connections Preview

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