Azure Classroom Series – 11/Feb/2020

ARM Template Basics


  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "",
  "apiProfile": "",
  "parameters": {  },
  "variables": {  },
  "functions": [  ],
  "resources": [  ],
  "outputs": {  }
  • Minimal template is a json file with
    • $schema
    • contentVersion
    • resources

Writing ARM Templates

Editor Tools

  • Visual Studio Code: Install Visual Studio Code
  • Install Visual Studio Extension Azure Resource Manager Tools. Preview
  • If you prefer CLI deployments install azure cli and if the deployment has to be from Powershell install azure powershell.


  1. Create a Storage Account using arm templates
  • Create a resource group.
  • Create a folder and create a json file (main.json) in that
  • Now navigate to ARM Templates documentation from here Preview
  • Now the storage accounts latest api version (as on feb 11 2020) is here
  • Try to Create the template
  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "",
  "resources": [
          "name": "qtarmstorageaccdemo",
          "type": "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts",
          "apiVersion": "2019-04-01",
          "sku": {
              "name": "Standard_RAGRS"
          "kind": "StorageV2",
          "location": "Central US",
          "properties": {
              "accessTier": "Hot"


  • Now from portal, Navigate to Resoruce group, Click on Add and Enter Template Deployment Preview




  • Now the resource should be created as a result of the Deployment created by azure.

Exercise 2: Create a Virtual network with one subnet

Preview Preview

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