DevOps Classroom Series – 11/Feb/2020

Important Concepts of K8s

  • Namespace: In k8s we can create virtual clusters using namespace.
kubectl get namespace

  • api-resources: All the different resources available in K8s
 kubectl api-resources



  • Refer Here for Pod Lifecycle

  • init-containers: These are containers which will execute before the main containers. Init containers are supposed to executing only for a certain time.

    • Lets assume we have a Podspec in which
      • init-contiainer-1:
        • Here you have written ping -c 4
      • init-container-2
        • Here you have written ping -c 4
      • jenkins (main)


  • In controllers, We control Workload objects

Replication Controller

  • In Replication Controller we can set number of pods as the desired state. Preview

Daemon Set

  • Creates one pod on every node in K8s cluster Preview

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