Azure Classroom Series – 15/Nov/2019

Azure Active Directory

  • Users
  • Groups


  • Can be applied at
    • Subscription
    • Resource Group
    • Resource Level
  • Roles are
    • Built in
    • Custom
  • Popular Roles are
    • Global Administrator
    • Owner
    • Co Owner
    • Contributor
    • Reader
  • Roles assigned are inherited from parents to children
    • Roles assigned at Resource Groups are inherited to Resources
    • Roles assigned at Subscription level are inherited to Resource Groups and further to Resources.
  • User can add the new role assignments at Resource Group/Resource Level to change from inherited assignments
  • For further Reading, Refer Here


  • Create a Group with any name
  • Create two users and add them to the group
  • Navigate to any Resource Group and Give the Role assignment of Reader
  • Create some resources in Resource Group and check the default Role assignment for the group.
  • Add a contributor Role Assignment to One Resource.
  • Also test by giving Reader access at subscription level.

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