Azure Classroomnotes 30/Aug/2022

Azure AD B2B (Business to Business)

  • Refer Here
  • If you need to provide access to external identitites, Azure AD B2B Comes into play.
  • Creating a new external user (B2B user)
  • Send invitation and then give access at any level
    • Management Group
    • Subscription
    • Resource Group
  • Ask the guest user to switch the directory and select your tenant. Then your Azure Account Resources will be viewable to the guest user.

Azure AD B2C

Scenario – 1

  • We want to build an application, which allows users to book movie tickets
  • This application needs users to register to the app.
  • While registering, we might need to give options to the user to login with (OAUTH)

    • google
    • faceboook
    • microsoft
    • amazon
  • Now the same company wants to create a new application to book bus tickets, In this application also the registration, giving options to users for (OAUTH)
  • How can this company avoid doing the same registration for all the applications which they have and they are going to build down the line.
  • Try searching for some solutions in your search engine to solve this
  • The above activity can be performed by Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Refer Here
  • All the cloud providers, give this option
    • Azure => Azure AD B2C
    • AWS => Cognito
    • Google => Firebase
  • Other Popular Vendors are
    • Okta
    • IBM IAM

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